Digital Minds – Term 1

Why take the Bitmaster on Digital Minds.

A lot of people are talking about digital transformation. But how exactly do you digitally transform a company? In this Bitmaster you will:

Who should take this course.

Project / Program Leaders

Get a step-by-step approach to digital transformation and understand how to involve your workforce

Team Members

Understand how you can actively support any digital transformation initiative today

Operations Experts

Skill-up your process excellence expertise by learning about digital tools and methods

Digital Skill-up

Get the full picture on digital transformation and start changing the way you create value

The Bitmaster on Digital Minds – Term 1.

Chapter 1 |
Introduction to Digital Transformation

Learn what Digital Transformation means as we introduce the Galacta Smart methodology: a step-by-step approach to digital transformation.

  • Film Series.

    Episode 1 of "Digital Adventures"
  • Masterclass.

    Learn what Digital Transformation means and get a glimpse of the Galacta Smart methodology
  • Gamified Excercises.

    Launch a digital transformation initiative at the fast food restaurand "Jonas' Wraps"
  • Project Area.

    Introduction to our case study on the digital transformation of a dicision of Graphite Motors

Chapter 2 |
Understand the Customer

Learn how to define a digital vision and identify the digital customer’s value creation drivers.

  • Film Series.

    Episode 2 of "Digital Adventures"
  • Masterclass.

    Learn how to define a digital vision, based on your new digital customer, while applying new tools and methods
  • Gamified Excercises.

    Define a digital vision for “Jonas’ Wraps” and start digitally transforming
  • Project Area.

    Establish a digital vision and target state at Graphite Motors

Chapter 3 |
Start gathering valuable data

Learn about IoT (Internet of Things) and how to use it for Digital Transformation

  • Film Series.

    Episode 3 of "Digital Adventures"
  • Masterclass.

    Learn about the seven goals of data, understand IoT foundations and hot to leverage on data to identify operational problems
  • Gamified Excercises.

    Launch an IoT project and cretae your first digital dashboard
  • Project Area.

    Download and explore IoT data in order to understand your value creation process

Chapter 4 |
Digitally track and stabilize

Learn how to iterate your way to Digital Transformation on a step-by-step basis

  • Film Series.

    Episode 4 of "Digital Adventures"
  • Masterclass.

    Learn the basics of rolling out IoT, understand proccess stability
  • Gamified Excercises.

    Start changing your value creation process and deploy an advanced digital dashboard
  • Project Area.

    Create and submit a digital dashbaord

Term 2 & Term 3 coming soon…

Meet your Trainer.

Ed Bayo
Ed is Galacta’s founder. Prior to Galacta, Ed spent over 10 years in management consulting and training, leading and designing transformation projects, including digital transformation.

What our Students are saying.

Galacta’s Bitmaster on Digital Minds was an amazing experience. The team put a lot of thought to the different parts and I particularly enjoyed how they managed to break down complex business methodology to everyday examples. I had the chance to complete the demo version and am very much looking forward to the complete version! Keep up the good work Galacta!

Stefan Ulrich
Head of Organization Development, ÖBB

Galacta’s Bitmaster on Digital Minds is the best online training I have ever seen. The way you guys have setup the entire course (with the videos, film series, games...) is simply amazing. And also the content is great: I have really learned a lot about digital transformation.

Andras Horvath
Operational Excellence Manager, Capita Customer Solutions